Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Foods of Ireland

A Taste of Culture Series

By Barbara Sheen

Kidhaven Press

Copyright © 2011
Review by Anthony Kendrick

Everybody fancies themselves a little Irish. Among the things that you need to do to be Irish is to eat Irish. When most people think of Irish food they think of Corned Beef and Cabbage. While this food is related to Irish Americans, it isn’t a traditional Irish dish.

So what do the Irish eat? “Foods of Ireland” provides a primer for young readers in the basics of traditional Irish cuisine. It covers the basic locally produced ingredients like butter, pork, potatoes, and etc. It also discusses and provides recipes for some simple traditional preparations, talks of the Irish affinity for tea, and presents tradition holiday related foods again with more recipes.

As a foodie I found this book to be a nice introduction to a complex subject, i.e. Irish gastronomy. I highly recommend it to young food lovers and those interested in their cultural heritage as it relates to food.

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