Tuesday, December 3, 2013


By J. Patrick Lewis and Jane Yolen
Illustrated by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins
Published by Charlesbridge
Copyright © 2012
Review by Mr. Kendrick

With simple rhyme, smirking puns, and slightly sadistic illustrations “Last Laughs” will make you laugh, let’s just hope that it isn’t your last.

The epitaph poems in this darkly humorous
book are simple and pun-ny, and in general they were passable. Some were clever like Cooked Goose


            “He was Canada born
              And Canada bred,
              And here he lies –
              Canada dead.” 

Others, like Swan Song on the very next page, were not very impressive. –

             “A simple song.
              It wasn’t long.”

What makes this book of childishly dark poems enjoyable is the even darker illustrations of Timmins. His grey/sepia toned pictures are sparingly splashed with bright color which often spell an animals end. The illustrations more than make up for some of the uninspired poetry, and I’m not ashamed to say that they made me giggle.

Assuming they don’t have delicate constitutions, this book should appeal to most boys and even girls with a morbid sense of humor. If you are an animal lover or a member of PETA this book might not be for you.

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